A Line-us Clone 2.0: The beginnings

I love robots. In fact, I studied them as a college student and have done some real-world work with robots from self driving cars to smart automation in production. If you want to know more about those applications, you should take a look at my resume. My depth in University was in Robotics, specifically in embedded controls and kinematics and dynamics. Which is why this Kickstarter project spoke to me so clearly. Unfortunately, by the time I had found out about the project, the 1000 available units had already been spoken for. So instead, I’m going to build my own.

In full disclosure, one clone has already been made by Barton Dring. You can see his very comprehensive build logs here: http://www.buildlog.net/blog/2017/02/a-line-us-clone/

I plan to build on the knowledge he has published and build my own.

To that end, I started gathering materials:

10 x longrunner metal-geared micro servos (Should only need 3 for the project)
1 x PSOC 4 kit (This will be a new MCU/FPGA for me)
10 x magnets (For having the base stick between a window wall) (should only need 2?)
Lots x Assortment of bearings (wanted to try a few to see what works best. I’ll update the next logs with which I use)

Most of the items listed I got from Amazon. The PSOC kit I got for free from Seattle’s makerfaire in 2016, but you can get it from the cypress store for 10 bucks. It’s a good deal for what it supports.

I’ve also started modelling the servos for the system so I can build the rest of the robot around it. These tiny motors pack a punch in torque for how small they are – I’m impressed. Instead of finding the gear head cad drawings, I’ve decided to incorporate the one sided servo arm into the arm of line-us. This way there is more structure to the arm (I think) and I don’t have to find the gear head drawings and make them – because they are tiny on the micro servos and I don’t know if my 3D printer (ultimaker plus) can handle that.

I’ll start working on modeling the servo arms next and then designing a robot arm to fit around it right after. This weekend should be fun. 🙂 Also, look at how cute that robot is.