About Me: Audrey

Hi, I’m Audrey Yeoh.

I’m an Engineer and┬áRoboticist.

I am a Malaysian but was born and raised in Singapore, before moving to Shanghai for High school. I then moved to the US to work on my college degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University. I graduated in May 2016 and am now working in Seattle with a ‘small’ tech company named Microsoft.My previous experience have included research in automating assembly of airplane wings with mobile robots, Firmware and Systems Engineering of Tesla’s Autopilot program and Manufacturing Design at Apple.

I’m currently working as a Product engineer, where my job is basically to solve all sorts of problems we experience with products. During my free time,┬áI enjoy creating things. Typically robots, but occasionally other crafts too.

I have a dog who I’ve been training to like robots, but he’s slightly suspicious of them. Maybe one day…

This is my project log where I brain-dump all my ideas and work onto a page, mostly for me to look back on. If you find my work interesting, please feel free to drop me a note/comment.